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An import from down under, Cazzie was born and raised in Australia, where she opened her first salon at 19 in Melbourne. A fan of fashion, color and music, she became a quick fixture of the city’s burgeoning music industry, her passion, fashion and flair making her a favorite destination for both local bands and international acts visiting one of the world’s most colorful continents. Colorful and Cazzie – two words as seamlessly intertwined as hair and makeup. And rightfully so, as she’s spent the past 34 years honing her craft specializing in Cutting, Coloring, Extension work and Make-up all around the world, soaking in culture,style and charisma at every stop.

Cazzie Mayorga wouldn’t be the dynamic wash of color and flair she is today without her globetrotting ways – she sold her first salon at the age of 22, buying an around-the-world airline ticket that led to prolonged layovers in Asia, Europe and London for 3 years, where she became a student and artist of the world’s trendiest and most cutting edge salons, shops and stylists. With the addition of makeup to her repertoire, fashion shows and magazine shoots started to share the stage with her rock and roll pedigree. Cazzie settled in Tokyo for a nine month stint working in a Japanese salon and for fashion icon Kenzo. From the land of the rising sun, to the city where flashbulbs and glamour fit like a second skin and music is the soundtrack that keeps it all pulsing – she settled permanently in Los Angeles in 2000, and opened Gorgeous, a Melrose salon with Auzie friend and business partner which they had a very successful run till 2015 and all separated and went their own ways. Now she has opened up Gorgeous Rocks, a private little rock n roll hair studio and also focusing on her freelance career.

Whether in her salon sitting in her chair or as a makeup artist and hairstylist for hire, Cazzie has worked with a veritable who’s who of American fashion,entertainment and culture, and many of L.A.’s most widely recognized Rock Stars, Directors, Photographers and Fashion designers.

“There is no shortage of stars in Hollywood. But there is only one Cazzie to help them shine their brightest.”

— Paul Gargano, October 2009

Photo by: Safi Alia Shabaik


THE Best Hair Stylist in LA! If you want a new hairdo that Rocks! Give beautiful Cazzie a call today!
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Denise Knight
Los Angeles

This salon is the kind of place that rockstars go to and everyday people go to feel like rockstars. The atmosphere is incredible.

Aga D.
Alsip, IL

Cazzie is the Best! She has been cutting and coloring my hair for at least 6 years. Every visit is perfect and I leave feeling gorgeous! ; )

Mechelle G.
Los Angeles, CA

Cazzie is hands down one of the best stylists out there and Gorgeous is just an extension of her cutting edge, smart and brilliantly sweet self.

G. G.
Los Angeles, CA

I've been going to Cazzie for years, she's a super cool person that does super cool do's and colors! This is the best place to come for extreme colors & rock n roll cuts.

Kirsty L.
Los Angeles, CA

My favorite hair salon in LA, hands down. Also, the best place to get your hair colored if you like punky colors like I do.

Ikoi H.
San Diego, CA

I wish I lived in LA so Cazzie could cut my hair exclusively! No one has ever cut my hair as well as her.

Desiree C.
Escondido, CA

Cazzie is the best evah! Lol I will go to her forever because I have never had better cuts in my life! The salon feels warm, friendly and inviting. Cazzie is the biggest sweetheart and she always listens and does exactly what you want with an amazing personal flair.

Juliet S.
Rockford, MI